Itel Communication Pvt. Ltd. is a company established with the main objective to provide reliable telecommunication services in Nepal at an affordable price. With the increasing demand of efficient voice, data and video transmission needs for individuals and organizations in Nepal, Itel has come up with various dedicated services and packages for every individuals and businesses which are as mentioned below:


Research in download speed test all over the world depicts Nepal as a country with one of the slowest internet access. The fact leads to poor internet surfing experience or delay in data transmission. Itel’s entrance as an ISP, provides a whole new experience through fast connection and download speed with affordable prices and discounted packages.


Apart from high speed broadband internet services, Itel Communication Pvt. Ltd. also provides calling card services. Calling cards are used for making long distance calls over the internet, and requires high speed internet connection as a mandatory criteria for smooth data transmission. There has absolutely been no reported jitter or delay in using Itel’s calling card services along with its own broadband internet.


Managed solutions include services that manage all aspects of information and communication technology much needed or an organization. Itel’s cloud data storage, software solutions, application development and web services help you and your company to reduce the burden of day-to-day IT management which saves you time, effort and money.


Intranet solution is available within the capital city for the organizations with scattered business and branches to host private data securely. Itel’s high-tech servers are located at various major areas creating a reliable MPLS (multi-protocol level switching) network. With this, you can easily share and access data in no time from one location to another.