Broadband Internet Service

Accelerate your life with our broadband services

Live the revolutionary real-time internet surfing experience with Itel’s broadband internet service. We offer packages that are devoted in meeting the need of every client ranging from large enterprises, multi-national companies, commercial organizations, small-and-medium enterprises to a common household within Nepal. As an internet service provider, we provide lightning fast connection at your homes and offices through coaxial or fiber optic cable as per demand. Itel’s broadband internet for home users is delivered through our state-of-art broadband internet router which acts as a one-box-solution by providing high speed internet connection along with IP telephony and IPTV services.

Apart from sufficing our clients and customers with a robust redundant network characteristics we have also taken measures in speeding the rate of accessing the web content by building local cache servers. We take every possible step to justify our service motto by accelerating your data-voice-video surfing experience.


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  • * DSL Wireless Router (Optional)
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