International Calling Card

Enhance your freedom with our calling card services

Itel connects you everywhere around the world with international calling card. Calling card services apply packet switched voice over IP (VoIP) technology to transmit telephone calls over the internet which is already a popular mode of voice communication in Nepal. Itel’s softphone or smartphone dialer allows you to make international calls right away from any l ocation within Nepal. You need an internet connection and are required to download our application – ‘itel+’ for smartphone (Android, iPhone) or softphone for PCs to instantly make calls worldwide. Our calling card services provides y ou with the optimum level of call quality and offers you the cheapest call rates for almost every international destination.

We suggest you to make calls through Itel’s broadband internet connection for improved call quality. Our application – ‘itel+’ is free to download and can be activated by recharging with our recharge-card named ‘Itel International Calling Card’ which is available both inside and outside Kathmandu valley. Besides Android and iPhones, our application is also being developed for Nokia and Blackberry phones. We guarantee to lower your international call bills as soon as you switch to our calling card services and assure you that the rates will make you more inclined to international calls than local calls.

  • Download free app on your smartphone or tablet or iPad

    Download Manual for android application

  • Download softphone or phone dialer for your PC

    Download Manual for windows application