Optimize your capacity with our intranet solutions

Itel provides a reliable intranet connection to form a secure link between your branches and networks. We serve you with an intranet solution that will heighten the magnitude of data sharing capability and will increase the knowledge base of your organization. Itel’s widely spread fiber optic network both inside and outside Kathmandu valley can easily reach your branches and networks enabling you to establish a private network. Our intranet service will allow your employees dispersed across branches to collaborate and communicate more efficiently to get more work done.

Our network architecture is secure, scalable and flexible apart from having redundant MPLS-PE routers at each point of presence (PoPs). Fully managed Layer-2 and Layer-3 intranet over 10G Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) backbone is the prominent feature of Itel’s intranet service. Itel’s Network Operations Center (NOC) team is comprised of high skilled network engineers for network monitoring and operations plus we employ a fully managed support team for 24/7 service support.